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ADE Shopper 2015
Welcome to ADE Shopper 2015
Welcome to Abu Dhabi Electronics Shopper 2015 (ADEShopper 2015) electronic retailers and world class brands are planning the biggest ever consumer exhibition and sale at ADE Shopper 2015, as they look to tap ever growing Abu Dhabi’s consumer electronics market.

With exclusive show offers, bundled deals, exciting competitions and launches of the latest technology products the show will deliver an unrivalled shopping experience for all its visitors. ADEShopper 2015 will showcase the hottest gadgets, the electronics world has to offer. It is a one-stop shop for consumers to view the latest tech-innovations in the market and obtain the best deals.

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Nilesh Khalkho - CEO l Sharaf DG
" Abu Dhabi is a huge market and a different city. It is a new starting point and we are taking part in the Abu Dhabi Event"
Omar Abushaban - Head of Operations | Plug Ins
" Abu Dhabi is a vast, dynamic market with sizeable disposable income and discretionary spending, as well as a more refined customer. Abu Dhabi have been anxiously awaiting a show like this close to their home "
Dr. Omar Ghanayem - Technology Division Director | Grand Stores
" Despite being the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi, the event managed to create a positive hype and establish an identity of its own, which deserves appreciation "
Jehas Habison - Purchase Manager l Costless Electronics
"From costless point of view it was very fulfilling experience to be able to present our self with all other power retailers. It was a test of our strength, and we are happy that our team did well"
Dony Cyril - Exhibitions Director l ADE Shopper 2015
"ADE Shopper 2015 will offer an unparalleled platform for global brands to showcase their latest and best consumer electronics portfolio. "
Terry Wang - Managing Director l Hisense Middle East & Africa
"Abu Dhabi being the capital of U.A.E and having a rich oil economy is also home to highly affluent Emirati population.These local HNW's are the target group which Hisense will be catering in future for being the No 1 CE brand in the Region. "